The Rules

These are the rules to surviving a Zombie Apocalypse


I won’t number these rules as they are all equally important and should always be followed,

  • Don’t try to be a hero and engage unless you have no choice.
  • always be prepared for anything.
  • carry a weapon preferably something like a machete or a staff something you can use at arms length.
  • guns aren’t that useful unless your an expert shot or have a lot of ammo.
  • this isn’t like the movies, head shots aren’t effective if you miss your target.
  • stay in small groups, don’t attract too much attention
  • don’t wear loose clothing, it can get caught on things or trip you up
  • neutral colors or dark clothing don’t wear bright attention drawing clothes
  • best attack points, back of neck, sever the spinal cord , any tendons behind ankle or thigh
  • have available water, and food, have a bug out bag ready
  • if you have a safe place, stay there but make sure you have an exit plan
  • have a portable cb radio ready just in case


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